Giving Agnes & Dora a Whirl

I put on the leggings and said ‘Oh, I don’t ever want to take these off!’

I was recently asked by our local Agnes & Dora rep, Anne Dickson, if I would give a few pieces of her collection a try and write about them on my blog. Yes! Not only because it’s super fun to test different products, but I always love helping out a fellow momtrepeneur!

The three pieces I decided to test are as follows, and here are my thoughts:

Curie Dress ($78 CDN)

I always find it odd when you put on a piece of clothing and it fits like it was made for you. I’m not talking just sizing, but style, fabric, pattern and all around look.

I can’t tell you how many compliments I got on this dress when I wore it.  It actually got a bit embarrassing 😉

It is so incredibly comfortable – easy to dress up or make casual. Easy to chase kids in, and super easy to clean and wear over and over again.  The Curie Dress comes in a lot of awesome different patterns – the style really is flattering for a lot of bodies. I love this dress! A great addition to your closet for sure for years and years!

Dolman Tunic & Adult Leggings ($28 CDN)

Let me start by saying, I have never had a comfortable pair of leggings in my life. I have leggings in my collection that never stay up, I have some that roll, literally into a tube around my middle making their way down my body. I have leggings that I have to pull down to my ankles as they constantly creep up, I have leggings where the crotch has never been where it was meant to be because it sits somewhere between my own and my knees.  I just assumed that this is my lot in legging life. Until I tried these ones on.

I literally said out loud – ‘Oh wow! I don’t ever want to take these off’, not only because the fit is seriously spectacular, but they are made of some super soft material – so soft that Hannah couldn’t stop petting my legs!

Not only are they amazingly comfortable but they are crazy fun! I love the patterns these leggings come it – mine especially look super awesome with the Agnes & Dora Dolman top in Steel Blue.

The Dolman top is very comfortable too and really flattering. The tight bottom works so well with the leggings and hides any bumps or rolls that you’d prefer not to show. I like the tight 3/4 length sleeves and the boat neck too.  This top is also a great one to dress up or make casual.

Kids Leggings ($22 CDN)

Lastly, it’s pretty cool that Agnes & Dora also make their awesome leggings for kids.  Hannah got to test a pair too. Not only did she love that she had a pair of leggings like mom, but now she could pet her own legs, leaving mine alone 😉 ha ha!

They are really comfortable, soft, great cut and so easy to care for, wash, dry and wear again. Looking great each time.  The quality is really great!

Agnes & Dora is a women’s clothing business that sells primarily through their reps and online on their website. A lot of the products are made in the USA.

To find out more visit Anne’s site at:

Thanks Anne for partnering with us at we loved the opportunity to work together!  For more product reviews, or to get the latest scoop be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

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