Mama Needs a Holiday!

Up until this past weekend I had never spent more than 6 hours away from my kids….ever.

Yup, in the last 3+ years I have never been away from my children – cue the violins!

I love my kids, you know that, I know that. But this winter I was feeling the itch to need some Debbie-time. So I texted a friend of mine, who also needed a few days away from her 3 littles and we planned to take a weekend away ASAP.

Winter is a tough time to be a stay-at-home-parent. I don’t have to tell you, cold, no-snow, wet winter, with darkness in the morning, darkness at 4 p.m. The gear to get outside, the sogginess when we get in. The cabin fever. Not to mention this winters’ incessant illnesses. Oh the facial tissues we have consummed!

It didn’t take long for me to exclaim ‘Mama needs a holiday!’

So this past weekend, my friend and I packed up our helmets, our snow pants and our snowboards and headed to Blue Mountain, like good ol’ times.

It has been over 4 years since I have been on my snowboard. I really tried not to psyche myself out – just like riding a bicycle, I was told.

And it was! It was like my body totally remembered how to do this thing that I love to do!  I love the feel of the wind and freedom of flying down a hill!

My first hill, the green-rated Happy Valley, I actually stopped halfway, and started looking around for my kids before I realized there were no kids around, I was by myself! I literally LOL’d!

My friend and I chatted our hearts out, drank wine, went to restaurants, snowboarded until our legs shook and then when back to the hotel to read, uninterrupted for 2 hours.

It was away for 2 nights, but it felt like a total holiday. Not to mention that Collingwood was an enchanted snow-globe of big fluffly flakes and fresh powder all weekend. A gorgeous amazing winter weekend!

What an unbelievable re-charge for this mama!

I missed my family, in that I would have loved to share the weekend with them, but it was so great to be away for a little while. I know I will never go that long again without giving Debbie some time.

If you’re feeling drained it might be time to refill the [Your Name Here] tank! Whatever that looks like for you!

Many thanks to my amazing husband and my parents for stick-handling the kiddos on my weekend away! Knowing my littles were in capable hands also helped mom to relax – xx

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