Potty Training, Round Two

I will be honest – when I managed to potty train my first human I felt like I deserved a golden trophy.

There are few times in motherhood when I feel these are worthy. Another would definitely be getting all littles and adults dressed after a splash at the local swimming pool. Why is there no one handing them out as we exit to the changeroom?

Having completed the task successfully once, I wasn’t overly eager to do it again. Think of it as an online shopping spree where you painstakingly choose your order to finally hit the check-out and your screen freezes, meaning you have to reboot and reload your shopping cart. That kinda – I don’t want to do this again – feeling.

All this to say, I have been putting it off.  Abby is ready…she is OVER-ready. Not only does she bring me diapers and tell me she has poop. But she constantly sits on the potty trying to pee through her diaper and pants. I casually asked if she wanted to be out of diapers and she answered ‘Yes! Mama!’.

So suck it up mom – here we go again!

As you might remember I did the 3-day buck naked method with Hannah. My excuse of waiting for warmer weather was wearing thin, and so today – on a rainy April Thursday, we are taking on potty training #2.

Here are Some Major Differences so far:

  1. Kid #2 likes to sit on the potty.  You don’t have to force her, rather she’d gladly read a book or play with a toy on the throne forever.
  2. Stickers aren’t the motivator here, I’m not sure we need the chart, she doesn’t seem to give a toot (pun intended).
  3. When there has been an accident, she’s been quick to get a towel to wipe up the ‘wawa’ (water) on the floor. Yup…#2 is cleaning herself up! (Dog owners: you may covet this one!)
  4. I am about 99% more relaxed than I ever was with #1. Piddle on the floor is not a freak out occurrence as it used to be.

Major Challenges Experienced so far:

  1. Kid #1. Hannah has taken on the role of mini-mom and is trying to get in at every turn to coach, council and celebrate. Which is a great concept, but really tough when your powder room is the size shoebox, not to mention benches and potty and books and toys on the floor! “Three people don’t fit in here!”
  2. Being inside for a full day, and being mom-tertainment while also acting as potty-master is a nightmare. The rain doesn’t help of course – I might have texted my husband earlier to say ‘Pick up lunch – I’m pretty sure I just ran an Ironman.’
  3. Worst decision ever to potty train during teething time…what was I thinking?!?!  I literally ran to the couch after seeing wet marks, grabbed A and tossed her on the potty only to realize her little undies were dry but her top was soaking. Not pee mom….drool….drool…

So as I close off Day #1 of the 3-day method, I would like to ask for whoever is polishing the Golden Trophy to get it ready…mama wants to fill that cup with a whole lotta wine!

Cheers to you mamas with more than 2 kiddos…or twins! You are my heroes….seriously!

With paper towel and vinegar in hand, I sign off this post…



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