Two things every Smartphone Mom NEEDS to do

I love my smartphone – yup I’m a smartphone mom!

I love looking up information like weather forecasts to how to parent, to what to make for dinner. I love checking out my social media updates and connecting with friends.

My phone has become a part of me, I’m not gonna lie, it’s usually within arms reach.

I’m pretty sure that there are times that my kids get sick of seeing the top of my head as I read or update myself.

I am sick of feeling guilty. My need to check my phone was starting to affect my relationship with my kids and with people around me.

So I decided to make some pretty big changes. Here are two things that every smartphone mom needs to do:

  1. Turn off my notifications

This was one of my hardest and biggest decisions.

I no longer get notifications on my smartphone.

When I get an email I actually have to go into the mail app for the inbox to update and push the new emails out to me.

I never know if someone has commented on or updated FB or Instagram because I don’t get any notifications for that either. I have it set so that I have to go into the app for my accounts to update.

Without dings and bings and number of messages waiting and updates I actually don’t have a clue what is going on until I choose to go and see what’s going on.

I find that I don’t check as regularly and I also don’t feel obligated to respond right away, which I used to do when I received a new update.

It was probably the best decision I made.

For full disclosure, I do still get notifications for text messages, as I use these for organizing our day or chatting with my hubby.

2. Get a Watch

Yup – I went retro and got a wrist watch so that I would stop reaching for my phone to find out what time it is.

I was finding myself grabbing my phone to check what time it was and then getting sucked into apps and then 15 minutes later…

So I got a watch! It took a while to get used to wearing one again, but now I frequently look at my wrist and my phone stays tucked away.

Here’s one more for those iPhone moms.

3. Bonus: I started using Siri

If you have Siri on your phone it’s a great option for getting information without actually grabbing your phone.  In the house I ask Siri to read me my text messages and respond. She often updates us on the weather and can find us information without needing to grab my actual phone.

She’s also a wonderful ball of entertainment for the kids and frustration for mom when she just cannot help!

Hannah has asked if she can go to Siri’s house sometime. Lol!

It’s tough in this day to not be connected – and sometimes I wonder what that does with face to face relationships especially with our kids. I felt like I needed to make a few changes in my choices and hopefully this might help some of you as well!

Any other tips and tricks are always appreciated!

Checkin’ my watch,


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