Why Birthdays Mean More to a Mom

Dear Abby,

Tomorrow we will sing Happy Birthday to you sweetie, to celebrate your second birthday!

You’ll be excited to get presents, eat cake, play with balloons and be spoiled and cuddled all day. We’ll be pumped to mark another year of your life in our family and on this earth.

But to me, your mom, your birthday will always take me back to the day I first met you.

On this day, two years ago I was already 8 days overdue, but I was not too worried about it. Your sister, Hannah had been 16 days overdue, and I was advised to take it in stride since perhaps, my body liked to incubate my babies for longer.

Like most families expecting number 2, we were finishing of a full home renovation which had, of course, run over schedule.

So with sawdust twinkling in the air, saws and hammers banging we attempted to set up the basement for a potential home birth, and set up Hannah’s bedroom for a comfortable sleep.

The scariest thought at this point was not having you at home or the renovation. For me it was what to do with Hannah, at just 18 months, we had no plan on who could take her should I need to go to the hospital. We had no plan – none! Except to hope and pray you would come to us here at home.

Then on March 21, my surges began and progressed throughout the day. After Daddy put Hannah to bed, we called the midwife who came right over and we made our way downstairs.

Just two hours later you came into this world. Your tiny naked body was laid on my chest and together we’d rise and fall as you took your first breaths. Tears of joy and love overflowed as Daddy and I felt our love and, our family grow!

So while we sing Happy Birthday tomorrow, while we celebrate you and your life, for me I will always remember the day we met. I will always feel blessed to be the one who knew you both inside and outside of me.

Your life is so precious, little one, I hope you will hold that truth deep inside you forever.

We love you baby girl! Happy Birthday!





  1. Such a wonderful birthday message for your sweet Abby. Made me tear up a bit as I think about how I feel about the day I met my little two year old. Happy birthday, Abby! Hope you have a great day. And a happy birthing anniversary to you, Debbie! ❤

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